A female-centric marketplace, empowering sexual exploration

Imagine a world where sexual desires are met with knowledge. Where sensual exploration is free from guilt. And, where a culture holds no shame or judgment toward women of any age who want a little extra spice in their lives. 

At ThatMood, making these dreams a reality is our only goal.

Who is ThatMood?

As an entrepreneurial couple traveling to print toner trade shows, we quickly realized talking like we worked in the adult industry was met with excited faces, raised eyebrows, and sly winks.

A lot more exciting than talking about print toner, anyway…

And, on a warm summer evening in 2019, a realization ignited a passion. 

Why not join the female sexual revolution? Why not become part of this ‘taboo’ industry and break the stigma surrounding female sexual desires?

So, we became obsessed.

Obsessed with smashing the outdated beliefs that women exploring their sexual likes and pleasures was so unspeakable. 

Obsessed with empowering older women to embrace their sexual needs even after kids and menopause. 

What better way to reach our female audience than with others who know how it feels to shop in an industry usually dominated by men. Of course, men aren't left out, either. We want both men and women to be as comfortable as possible and enjoy the experience of shopping on our site. At That Mood, we simply ensure that everyone is equal and each gender can feel at ease on our site.

Why was it all so frowned upon? 

It just didn’t make sense to us. 

Life is for living, and shameful feelings surrounding these desires and sexual health shouldn’t be part of it. 

Our team, made up primarily of women, aims to destroy those negative feelings for good and give women the freedom they so deserve to discover what they need to get into ThatMood.

From the moment a product piques your interest all the way to our discreet shipping, we want your shopping experience to awaken the sexual confidence within.

Hear from Customers Who Love ThatMood

Real experiences that empower your pleasure journey.

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VeDO Niki

Although initially dubious, ThatMood altered my viewpoint on loving oneself. There are amazing resources for schooling available. It's a voyage to self-discovery rather than just an item to buy.

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LELO Soraya 2

Everything is designed with women in mind, including the product and its packaging. They genuinely stand by their guarantee of pleasure, as seen by the 69-Day Money Back Guarantee. I will always be a devoted customer.

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Lovense Lush 3

A company that knows what ladies want, at last. My entire purchasing experience was flawless, and the LiveChat staff addressed all of my questions. The icing on the cake was the covert delivery!

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Le Wand Crystal Wand

I cannot describe the feeling of empowerment I've experienced. ThatMood is about rediscovering oneself, not simply about having fun. Their assistance and merchandise have had a profound impact.

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Dame Eva

The products are of unmatched quality and variety. I value ThatMood's emphasis on fostering emotional bonds and personalizing each encounter.

How do we do that? 

By creating more sensory, emotive product descriptions than other sites. We want you to know what you’re in for.

Will it flood your senses with pleasure? Will it deepen your connection with your partner? 

Knowing these is just as important as how long a battery will last.

So, if you’re ready to unearth your inner sexual goddess and get into ThatMood, explore our range today!

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