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Showing 1 - 24 of 76 products
Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 W/ App Wine Red
Maxtasy Suction Master Realistic NudeMaxtasy Suction Master Realistic Nude
Lovebotz The Milker Pro Edition - ClearLovebotz The Milker Pro Edition - Clear
Satisfyer Men Vibration Plus Vibrator - BlackSatisfyer Men Vibration Plus Vibrator - Black
Kiiroo Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker - BlackKiiroo Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker - Black
Satisfyer Dual Love - Dual Stimulator by Sale SpecialsSatisfyer Dual Love - Dual Stimulator by Sale Specials
Satisfyer Double Love WhiteSatisfyer Double Love Blue
Satisfyer Double Love
Sale price$79.95
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'lovense Sex Machine - Black
LOVENSE Sex Machine - Black
Sale price$849.95
Link App Connected G-Spot Vibrator - PinkLink App Connected G-Spot Vibrator - Pink
We-Vibe Bond - Charcoal BlackWe-Vibe Bond - Charcoal Black
We-Vibe Bond - Charcoal Black
Sale price$129.95
We-Vibe Ditto+ - Satin Black Clitoral Stimulator
We-Vibe Ditto+: Cosmic Pink Clitoral Stimulator
Love Distance G-Spot Vibrator - Ultimate PleasureLove Distance G-Spot Vibrator - Ultimate Pleasure

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Pleasure With Long Distance Sex Toys

Tired of the distance between you and your partner affecting your sex life? Intimacy devices for long distance relationships may just be the solution you've been looking for. These personal pleasure toys for long distance couples have been pushing boundaries and redefining the sexual landscape. Whether you're miles apart or even in different rooms, physical separation won't hold you back anymore.

What Are Toys For Long Distance Affair?

Simply put, these are innovative sex toys for couples designed to enjoy intimacy despite distance. They can be controlled over an internet connection, usually via a smartphone app. 

With these distance-defying toys, your partner can take charge of your pleasure from anywhere in the world or vice versa. Using one can transform those longing feelings into powerful moments of connection.

These long distance couple toys offer a rollercoaster of emotions, from eager anticipation to joyous satisfaction. It lets you share intimate moments from afar or keep the home fires burning.

Types of Long Distance Adult Toys

Pleasuring toys for long distance couples offer a variety of different experiences. Let's get into some of the most popular types.

  1. App Controlled Vibrators: Just like your everyday vibrators, but with the added bonus of being controlled by an app via an internet connection or Bluetooth. 
  2. Sex Toys For Couples: These can be controlled by either partner. They're perfect for adding an extra level of intimacy when you can't physically be together.
  3. Interactive Toys: These innovative devices are more advanced and can respond to the movements of your partner's toy. Think of them as the 'smart' toys of the long distance world.
  4. Vibrating Panties: These vibrating apparel can be worn under clothing, allowing your partner to surprise you with pleasure whenever the mood strikes. And yes, wherever your lover is.
  5. Clitoral vibrators: Their distinct design, function, and diverse intensity levels position them among the best long distance vibrators.
  6. App Controlled Love Rings: Enhance your connection with Love Rings that can be controlled through an app. These customizable pleasure devices bring intimate moments to your fingertips, even apart from your loved ones.

Top Picks for the Budget-Conscious

Looking for a good deal? The Satisfyer Heat Wave, and We-Vibe Sync Lite both come in under $100, proving that satisfaction doesn't always have to cost an arm and a leg. 

These long distance vibrators boast a decent range and come with user-friendly apps that won't leave you scratching your head in confusion. And the cherry on top? These long distance couple toys are showered with stellar reviews, singing praises of their performance and value.

Aiming For High-End Options?

If you have room in your budget for some luxury, the Maxtasy Suction Master for him and the We-Vibe Ultimate Pleasure Kit for her are the high-rollers. These long distance vibrators perform like rockstars, offering a symphony of vibration patterns. If you would like to shop for your man, the We-Vibe Bond Tease Us wearable stimulation ring is a great choice to tease your partner from afar. It is available in a We-Vibe Bond & Bond duo box set, making it a nice gift for male couples. These long distance relationship kinky toys ensure you won't ever get bored. And let's not forget about connectivity. These are the Ferraris of the vibrator world - high performance, superior control, and they look pretty expensive too.

Defy distance and build stronger relationship.

Check out our range of long distance sex toys to connect with your partner no matter the miles.