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We live in a time when our senses are more powerful than ever - when we can discover the pleasurable difference between quiet intimacy and loud ecstasy.

As 2024 starts, the world of personal wearables is buzzing! 

Below, we have chosen some of the best remote-controlled buzzing underwear that will reawaken your sensual soul.

If you want to discover the secret thrills of vibrating panties or are just curious about what all the fuss is about, stay tuned.  

Our hottest collection yet lets you explore and celebrate your desires.

So what are you waiting for?

Best Vibrating Panties for Long-Distance Fun - App-Controlled

As technology improves, so do the possibilities of long-distance relationships. 

We can FaceTime, WhatsApp, and call our other halfs no matter the distance. 

But, why do work trips away or plain old long distance need to be a time of sadness and yearning for their return? 

Why not deepen your connection with your partner and keep things just as spicy as if you were in the same room? 

Below are our best long-distance panty vibrators guaranteed to excite and strengthen your love...even if they're thousands of miles away. 

The We-Vibe Moxie: Overall Best Panty Vibrator

Want to excite those boring daily chores? The Moxie+ aims to pleasure with its 10 different whisper-quiet vibration modes.

Feel confident and comfy while exploring the thrills of remote-control play. Or discover your inner exhibitionist while out and about.

Whatever your heart desires, you can safely enjoy this discreet vibrator all day long.

And if you want to take it a step further, why not connect it to the We-Vibe App and let your partner take control from afar? 

Key Features:

  • Enjoy all-day fun with this body-safe vibrator that stays put while feeling good against your skin.

  • Don't worry about buzzing interrupting your library session with its whisper-quiet vibrations. 

  • Keep your building orgasm on its toe by switching between the Moxie's 10 different modes. 

  • Deepen your intimacy with your partner by letting them control from afar through the We-Vibe App.

Customer Reviews:

  • Elizabeth: "Transformed our long-distance relationship!"

  • Gisele: "Incredibly discreet, I wear it everywhere!"

  • Jake: "The app features are a game-changer."

Anyone who wants to get to the bottom of their wants should need this devilishly discreet toy. 

Why do trips away from your partner have to be lonely? Why can't you control your pleasure from the safety of your pocket? 

It's easy to see why this little panty vibrator is our best buzzing underwear and a clear winner.

Lovense Ferri - For Customizable Play

The Lovense Ferri attaches magnetically not only to your clothes but also to your panties for the ultimate pleasure spot connection.

Going on a night out with the girls? Leave the remote in the naughty hands of your partner.

Want to brighten up your morning commute to work? Discreetly click through the 3 intensity levels certain to perk you up at 8am.

Key Features:

  • With its secure magnetic attachment, you won't need to worry about it falling to the floor during a good session. 

  • Its whisper-quiet vibrations give you peace of mind to explore your building pleasure publicly.

  • Link it to the Lovense Remote app to create and share your patterns, or explore a 10,000+ free pattern database.

  • For a truly exhausting swim, this panty vibrator is safe for a dunk or two in the pool.

Customer Reviews:

  • Gloria: "Absolutely life-changing for solo and partner fun!"

  • Derek: "Its discreetness and power are unmatched."

  • Nathalie: "The app control brings a whole new level of excitement!"

The Lovense Ferri may be the best customizable panty vibrator on the market. 

Not only do you have thousands of patterns to pick from, but you can also time it to your alarm. 

Never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again with this beauty. 

Satisfyer Sexy Secret - Top for Seamless Integration

The Satisfyer Sexy panty vibrator is a masterpiece of discreet pleasure technology. 

This sexy panty vibrator has the most incredibly quiet but powerful vibrations. And because of its strong magnet, it won't be going anywhere no matter how intense you like it. 

Connect it easily through the Satisfyer Connect App to discover unimagined combinations for peak pleasure.  

Key Features:

  • Its strong magnet means no red faces with flustered explanations of a dropped toy. 

  • Embrace your desires wherever you are with its whisper-quiet, powerful vibrations. 

  • Choose from countless vibration patterns to blow your orgasm into the next century. 

  • Want to wear it all day? Made from body-safe silicone means no irritation! 

Customer Reviews:

  • Jennifer: "A game-changer for discreet pleasure!"

  • Leila: "Incredible control and variety through the app."

  • Stephanie: "So comfortable, I almost forgot it's there!"

How easily it is to connect the Satisfyer Sexy panty vibrator to the Connect App is why this adult toy is a must-have for anyone who wants to spice up their daily life discreetly.

OhMiBod NEX1 BlueMotion - For App-Enabled Excitement

The OhMiBod NEX1 BlueMotion panty vibrator will have you exclaiming their name in no time!

This vibrator is 2nd-gen, so you know that they've listened to their customers and have made the vibrations even better!

Connect the BlueMotion to its special app means you can keep your sex life going strong even over long distances. And with a Bluetooth range of 8 meters, watch your blindfolded partner writhe in ecstasy from afar.

Key Features:

  • Get inspired or relinquish control with its app capabilities

  • Comfortably fit this in your panties for day-long wear with its sleek, slim, body-safe silicone design. 

  • With 1 hour of pleasure time and 4 integrated vibration patterns, you'll be begging for release in no time. 

  • Enjoy public play discreetly with its whisper-quiet vibrations.

Customer Reviews:

  • Debbie: "Brought us closer despite the miles!"

  • Tracey: "Incredibly powerful and discreet for fun anytime."

  • Kari: "The app features are innovative and user-friendly."

If you want an app-inspired explosion, the OhMiBod NEX1 BlueMotion is the vibrator for you. Not only does it connect to multiple apps but its Bluetooth capabilities ignite a new unexplored level of fun for any solo or couple play.

Best Remote Control Vibrating Panties - Bringing Couples Closer

Finding the best remote-control vibrating underwear in 2024 is all about discovering the possibilities of intimate fun, whether you have or are with a lover or not. 

Just think how amazing it is to submit or dominate your couple's fun, no matter the distance, all through a few taps here and there!

In our couples-themed vibrating panties list, we have chosen the best remote-controlled buzzing underwear that celebrates the power of exploring intimacy anywhere. 

Each piece is designed to give you the best clitoral stimulation possible. And are discreet enough to wear anywhere -- from a romantic dinner date out all the way to an enjoyable trip to the art gallery. 

Our vibrating panties collection gives your partner the perfect tool to lead the dance of desire from anywhere.

Why can't you strengthen your connection and explore your shared desires without limits while grocery shopping together? 

Our Top Picks - Remote Control for Couples Play

Zalo Aya Wearable Vibrator

The ZALO Aya Wearable Vibrator is the bejeweled beauty that every couple needs to have.

What makes this our first top pick is that it's adaptable to any body, shape, and desire.

Want to focus those deep, rumbling sensations solely on your clitoris? Or do you want to add some internal vibrations too?

Have your pick of either with the Aya's removable silicone G-spot stimulation attachment.

What's not to love?

 Key Features: 

  • Removable G-spot attachment, so you can choose how hard the rumbles are going to be.

  • Connect it to the ZALO Remote Pro App and let your partner take control of when you get your release. 

  • With its shield-shaped magnet, you'll be protected from accidental slippage!

  • Made from the softest silicone, ideal for all-day use. 

Customer Reviews:

  • Samantha: "Zalo never fails to amaze me! I like how versatile the patterns can be through the remote and the app."

  • Kat: "Love this toy for solo or partner play! It's very comfortable and powerful."

  • Juana: "No regrets! First toy that I have. It's amazing!!!

Whether you're new to vibrating panties or not, the ZALO Aya's has you covered. 

Its customizability on stimulation is unique and deserves the first spot on our list. 

So why not try it? 

CalExotics Lock N Play Remote Panty Teaser - For Effortless Teasing

Experience pleasure like never before with the Lock N Play Remote Panty Teaser from CalExotics.

This dark, mysterious panty vibrator has flexible wings that easily wrap around the material of your panties.

Between the Lock N Play technology and an ultra-strong magnetic, be confident in strutting your stuff while this panty teaser pinpoints your pleasure button for ultimate pleasure.

 Key Features: 

  • Never fear a shifting toy again with its patented hold technology and ultra-strong magnet.

  • Explore delights untold from its 12 different vibration modes.

  • Thrill yourself silly with 60 minutes of high-speed stimulation or 100 minutes of low-speed vibrations.

  • Let waves of pleasure crash over you while exploring the fun of shower/bath sex with its waterproof design.

Customer Reviews:

  • Betty: "This Remote Panty Teaser made our dinner date even hotter!! The massager fit perfectly in my panties."

  • Sonia: "We made a game of me going about my business while he had the remote and let's just say I couldn't focus lol."

  • Lisa: "I'm a huge fan of panty vibes, but this panty vibe takes THE CAKE!"

Stop putting up with a shifting bullet in your vibrating panties, and embrace true pleasure with this CalExotics panty vibrator!

VeDO Niki Flexible Magnetic Panty Vibe

At ThatMood, we strive to empower women through their sensuality. And nothing does that more than the VeDO Niki Flexible Magnetic Panty Vibe.

The gentle, curved design means it'll fit snugly against your body, never interrupting the rumbling vibrations it gives. 

No matter if you're shopping, exercising, or spicing up your bedroom antics. 

 Key Features: 

  • Its nub tip targets your clitoris for unimaginable sensations. 

  •  With 10 powerful vibration modes and 6 intensity levels, you'll be a puddle before it's done with you! 

  • Enjoy all-day comfort with its velvety smooth silicone.

  • Excite your usual swim with this vibrator's whisper-quiet and completely submersible vibrations.

Customer Reviews:

  •  Jessica:  "The flexibility and power are unmatched; it's become my go-to!"

  •  Megan: "I absolutely adore the magnetic feature; it never slips!"

  •  Ashley: "So quiet, yet so powerful. Perfect for discreet fun."

If you want a sleek, discreet toy that doesn't shy from deep vibrations, look no further than the VeDO Niki Flexible Magnetic Panty Vibe.

Best Vibrating Panties for SOLO Play - Experience Sexual Well-Being

Who says you need anyone else to experience mind-blowing orgasms?

We sure don't. 

Why not discover the rhyme and rhythm of your unique path to peak pleasure before gracing it to others?

Features To Look For While Solo Playing

Before you buy the best buzzing underwear, especially for solo play, there are a few things you might want to think of to make sure you get the best experience. 

  • Privacy:  All of our chosen vibrators have whisper-quiet motors so you can safely explore your desires without any busybodies listening in!
  • Customizability: If you're new to vibrating panties (or new to solo play with them), what works for you might be different than what you expect. Look for ones with different vibration patterns to help you discover what works best for you.
  • Battery Life: Nothing ruins a steamy solo session than that red battery light blinking at you. Make sure whatever you choose can keep up with you!
  • Easy To Clean: Toy hygiene is crucial but some toys are more intricate to clean than others needing specific detergents...though they typically make it worthwhile!

Our options below make it easy to find the perfect choice for your solo activities, changing the way you enjoy self-pleasure forever!

Let's Move to Our Solo Play Top Picks

COMPANION Vibrator - For Intimate Companionship

The COMPANION Wearable Remote Controlled Vibrator by Clandestine Devices is a revolution in wearable vibrators.

This sleek vibrator comes with a wrist remote control, so you get your groove on without having to reach down to fiddle with buttons. 

Plus, its bands are interchangeable with Apple Watch or smartwatch bands. So, no one will think twice when they see your subtle new 'smartwatch' on your morning commute.

Key Features:

  • Travel lock enabled, so no accidental buzzing bags in your morning meeting. 

  • Wrist remote control with interchangeable bands for inconspicuous play. 

  • With 7 whisper-quest vibration modes and up to 5 intensity levels, this discreet panty vibrator has it all. 

  • 60 ft remote control range, letting your partner drive you wild from across the room.

Customer Reviews:

  • Emily: "Changed my solo sessions completely. Absolute game-changer!"

  • Sarah: "The wrist remote is incredibly convenient and discreet."

  • Jenny: "It brought a new level of excitement to in-laws meets."

The COMPANION is a unique treasure in how it combines technology with discreet, intense pleasure. 

It is a must-have for anyone who wants to deepen their sexual journey because it is easy to use, solo or with a partner. 

CalExotics Lock N Play Wristband Remote Panty Teaser - For Hands-On Control

Another powerhouse contender for the best solo-play panty vibrators is the CalExotics Lock N Play Wristband Remote Panty Teaser.

This black beauty has a minimalist strap remote that has a range of 33 feet and can deal up to 90 minutes of vibration pleasure.

With a wearable controller that would make FitBit jealous, why can't you get your heart racing by standing on a spot?  

Key Features:

  • Discreetly up the intensity with its sleek wrist controller.

  • Choose from 12 vibration modes, perfect for exploring your pleasures. 

  • Enjoy 90 minutes of low-intense or 50 minutes of high-intense vibrations. 

  • With adjustable fastening wings, the vibrations will never slip from your pleasure button. 

Customer Reviews:

  • Amanda: "Absolutely thrilling and so discreet!"

  • Rachel: "The wristband remote is a game-changer for couples."

  • Claire: "Added a new excitement to our date nights."

The wristband's discreet look and ability to spice up any moment make it a must-have for adventurous couples or people looking to improve their solo pleasure.

Micro Venus Butterfly Vibrator - For Targeted Pleasure

The CalExotics Silicone Micro Venus Butterfly Vibrator is a must-have for any thrill-seeker's toy box. 

With its adjustable harness, this vibrator can be worn on its own for enticing pleasure. Or it can be removed altogether for intimate rumblings.

Send your clitoris into the skies with this compact clit panty vibrator!

Key Features:

  • With its adjustable and detachable harness, you get to decide how pleasure will strike you.  

  • Choose from 10 different functions, perfect to get you that O whichever way you want. 

  • With a 16ft remote range, let your partner tie you up and experience foreplay like never before. 

  • Send your heart a flutter using this vibrator in water due to its waterproof design.

Customer Reviews:

  • Mia: "Incredibly comfortable, and the vibrations are just right."

  • Jenna: "Perfect for hands-free pleasure; I love the adjustability!"

  • Erika: "Made our time together more exciting and enjoyable."

CalExotics' Silicone Micro Venus Butterfly Vibrator is a force to be reckoned with. 

The contoured shape and adjustable harness means it'll fit any body in any outfit at any time. 

How We Determined the Top Panty Vibes for Your Pleasure

Our expert team at ThatMood did a lot of research and testing to find the best panty vibrators in 2024.

Our only goal with these vibrators is your (discreet) pleasure. 

Between customer reviews and using our adult toy knowledge, we compiled this vibrating panties guide that guarantees to get every woman quivering in their panties. 

But, if we had to sum up our list with the top pros, here is our quick recap: 

  • The We-Vibe Moxie and Lovense Ferri stood out because they were the most discreet and could be tailored to your needs. 
  • The OhMiBod NEX1 BlueMotion and Satisfyer Sexy Secret worked incredibly well especially when linked with their apps. 
  • The Lock N Play Remote Panty Teaser, the VeDO Niki, and the Micro Venus Butterfly offer unbeatable pleasure that works for solo as well as couples fun.

Privacy and Connectivity for App-Controlled

The second most important factor we wanted to include in our guide is your privacy and easy connection features. 

We mean, you don't want to be trying to discreetly adjust too many buttons down there while your panties loudly rumble away in public. 

Or feel those pent-up sexual needs while your partner is away on business. Why can't you still have the same passion and intimacy even if there are miles between you?

All the panty vibrators we've showcased keep all those concerns in mind. And we will always continue to put your ultimate pleasure first. 

Why Choose Panty Vibrators?

For many people, adding something a little extra to their bedroom repertoire helps keep things exciting and fresh for themselves and their relationships.  

Whether it's looking for something to keep the flame alight during long distances with your partner. Or exploring the unknown possibilities for solo fun. 

Panty vibrators can very easily join the party, whatever the situation. They let you play quietly and are great for someone who loves the thrill of waiting and being surprised.

Pros & Cons of Panty Vibrators

When looking into vibrating underwear, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of different factors. For example, the pros include subtle pleasure and better closeness. These sneaky toys have a lot of benefits. They add an exciting buzz to your daily routine and a sizzling secret to your step. With remote-controlled models, you can choose to be in charge or let go. This lets you play freely and without using your hands.

Privacy is very important, and good buzzing underwear can help you feel good without making a sound. Connectivity is also very important, which makes long-distance teasing a fun fact. When choosing vibrating underwear, though, you should think about both the comfort and fit as well as the intensity and patterns of the vibrations. This will make sure that your experience with ThatMood's line meets your highest standards of pleasure and privacy.


  • Improves Sexual Experience: vibrating underwear makes intimate times more exciting and enjoyable, both privately and in public.

  • Discreet Public Play: These devices are perfect for adventurous people who want to add some excitement to their daily lives without drawing attention to themselves.

  • User-Friendly Design: Simple controls that are easy to access, whether through remotes or apps, ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

  • Hands-Free Pleasure: Being able to use something without using your hands makes a lot of different experiences better, from solo play to foreplay. 

  • Encourages Long-Distance Intimacy: Panty vibrators with app compatibility let you keep sexual intimacy going over long distances and strengthen your loving connection.


  • Public Discretion: Although our choices all have whisper-quiet motors so that they are as private as possible, there is a chance of being embarrassed in public. So timing is key.

  • Focus on Comfort and Fit: Every body is different, although most panty vibrators are contoured to fit, it can be hard to find the right fit. 

Understanding the Safety of Panty Vibes

To fully understand how safe electric underwear is, it is important to fully understand how to use it properly. But it's also important to understand how to clean it afterwards.

To avoid itching or health problems from buzzing underwear, choose vibrators made from medical-grade silicone vibrators and panty fabrics that are breathable

Some Tips to Find the Perfect Panty Vibrator for Your Needs

It can be just as exciting to look for the best buzzing underwear as it is to play in them. 

If you or your partner want to get the biggest buzz possible, it is important to choose the right type and features of buzzing underwear. 

First: comfort. Make sure the panties you choose can be adjusted so that they fit snugly but comfortably. 

Second: connection. Choose options that say they will work well with their controllers or apps. 

Third: discretion. if you want a private encounter, choose vibrating panties that offer a whisper-quiet operation.

Once you have these three tips nailed down, the world of panty vibrators is in your hands. 

Our Top Picks: Best Vibrating Underwear

Still not sure what one to go for? They all sound really good and promise a fun time, we know. 

But if you insist, our top Top Picks from the panty vibrators showcased in our list are below!

We-Vibe Moxie+ | Top Pick Overall

Zalo Aya | Top for Remote Control

COMPANION | Top for Solo Play

Final Thoughts

When we think back on our shopping lane of thrilling, discreet vibrating underwear, we have seen a wide range of options that change the way we experience intimate pleasure. 

We have seen how far these sex toys can go in terms of comfort and pleasure, from the app-controlled vibes that let couples connect across long distances to the quiet self-love we all deserve. 

Our wide range of products shows that the future of private pleasure is already here.

Remember that your happiness is personal, and your wants are the most important thing to us here at ThatMood. 

As we continue to move through this changing world, we will be your guide to your journey of sexual self-discovery, where we put your happiness first. 

Let us toast to panties that vibrate and connect with your deepest desires!

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Can ThatMood's panty vibrators be controlled remotely for long-distance couples?

Yes, our remote-controlled vibrating panty models are great for couples who live far apart because they let you control the panty vibes from away. This trait makes intimacy stronger by letting partners share moments of stimulation and connection even when they are far apart.

Are ThatMood's panty vibrators discreet for public play?

Of course. Some of our sex toys, like the We-Vibe Moxie and other discreet panty vibe types, are made to work without making noise. With these headphones, you can enjoy good vibes without drawing attention to yourself, no matter where you are.

How do features that can be handled by an app make using ThatMood's sex toys better?

Our collection of sex toys has app-controlled features, like the control panty choices, that let you make the toys look and work exactly how you want them to. Users can change the rhythms and intensities of the vibrations to create a unique vibe experience that is perfect for them, whether they are alone or with a partner.

What should I think about when I am shopping for a sex toy to play with by myself?

If you are looking for a sex toy to play with by yourself, you might want to look for a pair that is private, comfortable, has a lot of different stimulation options, is easy to clean, and has batteries that last a long time. Taking these things into account, the Satisfyer Sexy Secret stands out as a great option that promises a satisfying experience every time it is used.


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